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KNG Mobile Radio Accessories offer the best way to stay connected when you're driving. Whether you need a basic radio for personal use or more sophisticated systems for business, KNG has all the products and accessories you need. We offer a wide range of radios, including hand-held radios, base-station radios, mobile radios, and wireless communication systems designed to suit your specific needs. Our assortment also includes antennas, headsets, microphones, and cables. KNG provides products such as batteries, chargers, power supplies, and mounting brackets, as well as a wide variety of other radio accessories, making it the perfect choice for any radio need. Whatever you need - whether it's just a radio or a complete communication solution - KNG has the perfect radio for you.

Choose top quality Mobile Radio Accessories

KNG offers a wide selection of accessories that are designed to work with their mobile radios, so you can be sure to find something that meets your needs.

Some of the most popular KNG mobile radio accessories include:

Astron 24-12 Converter 24 Volts down to 12 Volts111: This is an essential accessory for keeping your battery life running smoothly while using your radio while on the go. This converter is compatible with all KNG models, including standard single and dual-band transceivers as well as multi-band systems. It is compact enough to fit in your pocket for easy portability.

KAA0261 External Speaker 20W, 4 Ohm, W/ Mounting Bracket for KNG Mobiles: If you're looking for better volume or clarity for talking on your KNG mobile radio, you should buy this external speaker. It's small enough to carry with you everywhere, and the 20W output ensures that everyone can hear you. Moreover, its mounting bracket simplifies installation and makes it effortless.

KAA0276 Standard Handheld Microphone KNG-M: Designed specifically for KNG mobile radios, this handy microphone features an extended cord for convenient use without the radio unit nearby. Its lightweight design makes it an ideal companion for extended conversations. With its adjustable boom, even loud environments will be able to hear your voice clearly.

Best deals available at affordable price

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